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Master class

If you have missed this course, don't worry,

you can still by the replay with access for life.

Please contact me by email for this purchase.

17 - 18 December 2022

9 - 12 am (CET)

Do you feel over-exposed to all kinds of stimuli?

Are you stressed or depressed?

Do you suffer from chronic fatique, burnout, or fibromyalgia?

Then you might be a Highly Sensitive Person!

A Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is more susceptible than the average person to stimuli and impressions from the outside world. HSP's have an extra sensitive central nervous system. This is more a trait of personality rather than an illness or a disease, as it affects almost 20% of the global population

Why is it that HSP's are more prone to stress-related events? How can we avoid this or limit possible damage? How can we take better care of ourselves? How do we cope with HSP in interpersonal relationships and at work

During this fascinating, inspiring, and interactive course Britta will answer questions and provide insights to deal better with high sensitivity and how you can turnit form a challenge into a

!beautiful and powerful journeay


What to expect?


In this 6-hour online specialized training course, you will be taken through a deeper understanding of HSP, and you will be provided with a broad understanding of the effects of HSP in daily life on mental, emotional, and physical health, supported by real-life experiences. You will get pratical ready-to-use tools for dealing with its wide-range symptoms and consequences, to either apply on yourself, your personnel or your child as a HSP person. 

  • six hours of live Zoom presentations*

  • unlimited access to the full recording**

  • supporting written materials

*You will receicve the link the day before the training start date

**This speciaoized online training course can also be purchased on demand to learn from in your own time if you are unable to attend. 


Day 1

Saturday, 17 December 2022

9am - 12am CET

  • What is HSP?

  • Learn to recognise HSP with real life stories and physical & emotiona sensitivity charachteristics

  • Ten pitfalls for HSPs

  • Selfcare and understanding the links between HSP and exhaustion, stress, burnout, depression, and fibromyalgia

Day 2

Sunday, 18 December 2022

9am - 12am CET


  • HSP in relations (work relations, love relation, parent-child relation)

  • Energy balance

  • Assertive communication

  • Mindset

  • Q&A




80,- € excluded 21% VAT

Who is the training for?

Everybody who lives and works with others should follow this course, because 20% of the population is HSP.

Are you a parent, a partner, a teacher, a therapist or doctor, a group leader working or living with a highly sensitive person or you are a HSP yourself? You like to better understand a HSP and to learn the specific characteristic of HSP, then this professional training is for you!

"We are all in this story together.

Listen in the silence between there is music;

in the spaces between there is story. 

Pay attention: we are listening each other into being."



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